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MagnetOs Putty (1cc, 5cc, 10cc) or Granules (10cc, 20cc, 20cc larger granules)

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Kuros Biosciences
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MagnetOs, our biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bone graft, mimics the porous, trabecular structure of cancellous bone. We developed its unique submicron surface topography to harness the power of macrophage polarization and osteoimmunology to deliver uniform, stable and reliable fusions.

MagnetOs’ needle-shaped submicron features promote attachment and spreading of macrophages, leading to the formation of bone, even in soft tissue.5*

-510(k) product

-Additional 510(k) for standalone graft

-Positive clinical and pre-clinical data

ReBOSSIS by OrthoRebirth

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Product Description

• Proven to support cell activation, retention, and proliferation 1
• Superior handling characteristics 2
• Optimal fit and fill:
– ReBOSSIS offers up to 54% compression recovery 3
– Maintains integrity during and after placement

ReBOSSIS, manufactured by ORTHOReBIRTH in Japan and distributed by ORTHOReBIRTH USA, is an exciting addition to the world of biosynthetic bone scaffolding materials. This product features the handling characteristics of cotton, and enhances bone-to-graft interface. Its fibrous nature allows for easier handling and it stays where it’s placed, even after hydration.