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WishBone Medical knows its customer and listens to their needs, which is crucial to creating product solutions that effectively solve the problem. Our customer, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, is the best-trained and most experienced doctor to properly diagnose, treat and manage children’s musculoskeletal problems in a child who is still growing. This includes newborn babies through young adults (ages 0-21).

To this day, 95% of children continue to receive inappropriate, adult orthopedic products that were not originally intended for them, nor cleared by the FDA for use in children.* At best, the generic device is altered and made smaller, without regard for the fundamental physiological elements that differentiate pediatric anatomy from that of an adult.

Pediatric orthopedic implants MUST consider and be designed around children’s rapidly growing and morphing bodies. Our focus is on developing a broad portfolio to address the variety of conditions surgeons treat on a daily basis, with children’s unique needs in mind. It is our firm belief that children should prioritized above all else — medical care being no exception.

While our products are specially designed to accommodate children, they also serve as excellent solutions for adults — exponentially so, with the distinct benefits of sterile packaging!

Today, our ultimate goal is to make innovative pediatric orthopedic products accessible to surgeons to help children all over the world.

Learn how you can join these efforts by visiting the WishBone Orthopaedic Foundation online at