Nexxt Spine Announces Full Market Release of Struxxure® Anterior Cervical Plating System

August 3, 2015 at 8:30 pm

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An Ultra-Low Profile anterior cervical plate with a design rationale to help minimize the risk of Adjacent-Level Ossification (ALO)

NOBLESVILLE, IN, May 1, 2015

Nexxt Spine, LLC, a medical device company focused on designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative spinal solutions to meet the evolving needs of surgeons and health care institutions, today announced the full market release of the Struxxure® Anterior Cervical Plate System.

The design rationale of the Struxxure ACP system is based on published papers highlighting studies reporting the incidence of adjacent level ossification (ALO) significantly decreases when the plate-to-disc distance is greater than 5 millimeters from the adjacent level1,2.  The Struxxure system was designed to help address the potential for ALO by offering the widest cephalad/caudal screw angulation within an ultra-low profile anterior cervical plate. By increasing the cephalad/caudal screw angulation, a shorter plate may be used which in turn increases the distance to the adjacent disc level wherein studies report a reduction in the risk of developing postoperative degenerative changes, including ALO.


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