PacHealth Partners now distributing AttenuTech Radiation Safety Supplies

May 11, 2016 at 5:35 pm

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PacHealth Partners is thrilled to announce local distribution of AttenuTech, a leading supplier of mobile barriers, aprons, gloves, and eyewear that will provide a deeper level of radiation protection during OR and imaging procedures.

AttenuTech supplies all the Essentials for Safe Imaging® important products and devices that protect medical personnel and patients during medical imaging procedures where dangerous and harmful radiation is emitted, such as CT Scans, Fluoroscopy and NucMed Studies. As the U.S. FDA and the federal government have recently reported, even when done properly, medical imaging can damage DNA and increase a person’s lifetime risk of cancer. Consequently, every dose from every medical imaging procedure is significant. Through superior strategic relationships AttenuTech is positioned to provide essential protective radiation modalities for patients and staff, per current federal agency mandates.

Harmful radiation is always present during interventional imaging cases when C-Arm or ceiling-mounted Fluoroscopy is being utilized. The research is clear, radiation is doing damage to the DNA of physicians, techs, nurses and everyone else in the room. It’s nearly impossible to quantify the immediate danger of imaging radiation to our bodies, so proper protection is vital. You can’t see the radiation, you can’t feel it, you can’t touch it but we all know it is there. During every case that utilizes interventional imaging equipment, there is a Clear and Present Danger? to our bodies, thyroids, hands and eyes from radiation. Studies show that radiation is both linear and cumulative. Once we are exposed to it, once it is part of us, it can’t be reversed and each new exposure adds to what is already there. Physicians who utilize necessary imaging equipment are in fact, “unavoidably irradiated in the performance of their duties”, and again, it is doing damage to our DNA. The message is clear where radiation is concerned. Utilize available “radiation protection during fluoroscopically guided procedures”. Without question, “chronic radiation exposure in the workplace mandates the use of (available) protective tools in order to limit occupational radiation dose to an acceptable level”.

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