November 17, 2017 at 12:29 am

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Surgentec brings a new advancement to the bone graft delivery arena with the Graftgun®. Details on the Biologics page of

Our Graft Delivery System (GDS®) is designed to allow for universal, quick, and accurate bone graft delivery to a surgical site without the problems of a traditional funnel. Its patented, controlled release method is designed to safely dispense bone graft with enough pressure to easily fill any bone void. The Graftgun GDS includes SurGenTec’s loading device technology which provides surgeons the freedom to choose the bone graft that best suits their needs.

The kit includes a loading device and multiple tube sizes to support a variety of surgical procedures and patient sizes. The tubes have embedded radiopaque markers which enable the surgeon to visualize where their bone graft is being placed on fluoroscopy. The ratcheting technology provides the force necessary to extrude the majority of bone grafts on the market.

SurGenTec LLC has been granted a patent for its bone graft delivery technology by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent is number 9,655,748. Claim #20 of the patent states:
A bone graft delivery system, comprising: an elongate tube; a handle engaged to a proximal end of the tube configured to be actuated to deliver bone graft material through the tube, the handle comprising: a handle body; and a ratcheting mechanism configured to advance bone graft material through the tube; and a plunger configured to be removably received in the handle body and tube while the handle is engaged to the proximal end of the tube.

The Graftgun® Universal Graft Delivery System is a sterile, single-use, disposable device intended for the delivery of hydrated allograft, autograft, or synthetic bone graft material to an orthopedic
surgical site.