The First “No-Touch” Pre-Sterilized Pedicle Screw System, by Spinal Balance

March 23, 2017 at 12:57 am

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While at AAOS I had the pleasure of meeting with Don Kennedy, Director of Marketing, and Marcel Ingels, Associate Design Engineer of Spinal Balance. The two gentlemen walked me through a demo of Libra, a true “No-Touch” pre-sterilized pedicle screw system that I found to be truly refreshing in many ways.

Most pre-sterile screws are provided in peel packs that are again packed so tightly within cardboard that it makes opening even 1 screw a lengthy process. Libra eliminates that completely due to the ease of opening its plastic cylinder container.

Not only is it easy to open the packaging, Libra screws are loaded directly from the terminally sterile, inner tube, with an audible “click” from the German made screw driver, indicating that your screw is fully seated.


Here’s some product info:

• Pedicle screws available in polyaxial, monoaxial, solid, and cannulated versions.
• Color coded screws available in 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 7.5mm and 8.5mm diameters.
• All screws are provided with breakable extension tabs to aid in rod reduction.
• Dual lead threads with self-tapping design to facilitate insertion.
• Patent pending locking mechanism to secure screw tulip and further stabilize the construct.
• Increased neck diameter on larger diameter screws for increased strength.
• Conical threads near the neck for consolidated fixation.
• 5.5mm titanium alloy rods available in both curved and straight options.
Libra SizesLibra Rods

To read more, here’s the product page: Click HERE (Opens in New Tab)